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How an audit of your Pardot could drive a digital transformation

What’s in the Express Audit guide?

This 10 page guide will show you how an Express Audit on your Pardot account could help you deliver great results from your marketing automation programs. Download now to gain a better perspective on how Pardot can be configured for your campaigns and growth objectives.

You’ll learn:

  1. How a discovery phase can align business functions
  2. The importance of well executed technical setup
  3. How an audit can ensure you’re prospecting intelligently
  4. Considerations for integrating Pardot with third party systems
  5. The value of tailored recommendations

You’ll also get a free Macram audit checklist for Pardot to guide you through your own analysis of your marketing automation.

Tom-HAbout the author, Tom Hayward
Tom Hayward is a seasoned marketing man, specialising in digital, automation and project management. Having held senior positions in finance and SaaS firms Tom is now the co-founder of Macram, working with B2B firms to execute digital transformations through Pardot.