Helping B2B firms execute marketing automation in a way that improves efficiencies and delivers results for retention and acquisition campaigns is at the core of what we do. We see ourselves as an extension of your marketing team and embed ourselves within your business to help you get more from Pardot.

Many of our clients require support with Pardot in a capacity where larger projects are blended with supporting tasks. For example, you might require an Engagement Studio to be built alongside lead assignments, content creation a blended scoring & grading model created or optimised.

Our team of Pardot experts will collaborate with you to define project tasks, outline deliverables and provide realistic timeframes. If you require ongoing support with Pardot we can work with you on a rolling monthly retainer basis.

Support with Pardot

 How we can help

Engagement Studio
Map and build your marketing campaigns into Pardot’s intuitive Engagement Studio to address a core business need. For example, nurturing visitors from SQL to won deals.

Automation tools
Leverage automation rules, dynamic lists, page actions, segmentation rules and completed actions to streamline your marketing processes.

 How we can help

Prospect lifecycle report
Having a snapshot of your marketing and sales performance in one place is the nirvana for most firms. Align Pardot with your CRM to define the ROI of your campaigns.

Dynamic content
Personalise the prospect experience by placing dynamic content on web pages, landing pages, emails and forms.

 How we can help

Scoring and grading strategy
Make sure that sales are receiving the hottest leads at the perfect time. With a blended scoring and grading model you can ensure that MQLs are ready to convert.

CRM integration
Lead assignment and syncing custom fields will help align your marketing & sales teams and systems.

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