View prospectSometimes you need to take a step back for minute to review where you’ve got to with Pardot. As with all things digital, marketing automation can always be optimised for better results.

Let us perform a Macram health check on your Pardot account

A Pardot audit will recalibrate your business for marketing automation success. By exploring how your marketing automation can be better applied to your business objectives you can quickly begin to extract more value from the platform.

Pardot advise that an audit in come capacity is conducted once every quarter. What each audit consists of will depend on your requirements and capacity. Sometimes, a quick evaluation of campaign performance or individual elements is enough. But at other times, a thorough investigation of the complete setup and all assets is needed to ensure your automation is delivering. It’s vital that you are constantly reviewing and optimising your account

Macram Express Audit for Pardot

A Macram Express Audit is the best way to have your platform reviewed comprehensively in the context of your business and marketing objectives. A detailed set of recommendations will provide an actionable task list for your team to enhance its use of Pardot.

The Macram Express Audit can be conducted remotely and completed within one week.

A high level overview of Pardot usage stats and analysis which gives insight into what is being used effectively and what needs more focus.

What lists do you need to use and how do prospects join these lists? Do you need suppression lists? Are dynamic lists relevant and are they being used properly? This will highlight if prospects are being sent to the right list and following that, the right communication.

A review of how field values have been entered into the system (via CRM or direct to Pardot). Highlights any anomalies within the data and fields that need updating for effective use of variable tags and dynamic content.

Are emails rendering correctly on mobile? Are click rates in line with campaign objectives? How have completed actions been used? A good opportunity to look at what templates are fit for purpose and whether new ones need to be built.

Dynamic content enables you to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Personalise the user experience based on the information you already have on them through forms and imported data. Whether it’s their location, industry, job title or even their level of activity and interests, show them content that is relevant to them.

We provide a comprehensive set of recommendations which can then be applied to your business objectives, products and processes. You can carry out the recommendations yourself, or we can work with you and the team to ensure Pardot is optimised quickly and programs are set up properly.

Are your current form templates working for you? Can forms be optimised to encourage the completion? What automation triggers after a form is completed?

Reassess the scoring rules, page actions, completed actions and explore how scoring categories might be applied. Also, define when a prospect is engaged enough to be passed over to sales as a MQL.

How often do prospects receive messages? Are prospects being nurtured according to their stage in the buying cycle? Review engagement rates of most frequent emails and assess effectiveness of templates. 

Whether you’ve been using drip programs, Engagement studio or maybe even neither, we will help you explore how the Engagement Studio can expedite your marketing automation and address your core business objectives.

How can Pardot reports and lists be used to provide the data you require to assess campaign performance? Do you know where you can find all of the information that you need?

Macram Full Audit for Pardot

The Full Audit takes the analysis and application of your Pardot one step further. Here we really get under the skin of your business to explore how marketing automation can be applied to business and campaign objectives. We identify how the platform can be applied to your business processes. As part of the Full Audit, you’ll receive a ‘Pardot Compendium.’ This is an amalgamation of documents covering each step of the full certain. The Pardot Compendium is a working document which can be used as training aid for in-house marketing teams.

Please see a full breakdown of what’s included in the Macram Full Audit for Pardot below.

Benefits of a Macram Full Audit for Pardot

  • Enable more effective marketing – sales alignment

  • Address naming conventions and file hierarchy

  • Configure platform for growth

  • Optimise nurturing programs

  • Provide training documentation for in-house marketing team

  • Explore unused elements of Pardot

  • Recommendations tailored to business objectives

Full Pardot Audit