Pardot engagement studioPardot’s Engagement Studio is designed to help B2B marketers build, visualise, test and measure a prospects or customers journey with your brand. User experiences can now be unified through one central canvas. Let us help you build an Engagement Program that delivers results for your business.
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Sophisticated campaign management
We adopt a forensic approach to campaign delivery, from strategizing through to content creation and Engagement Program construction. Using insights from previous campaigns and CRM data we’ll optimise your marketing for maximum conversions.

sophisticated campaign management

engaging responsive content

Content creation
Word perfect copy combined with beautiful design are a prerequisite of a successful campaign. The Macram network of content marketing experts collaborate creatively and strategically to deliver a coherent brand story through marketing automation.

Mapping the program
Prior to building your Engagement Program we will always present a detailed map to visualise how the Engagement Program will behave. The map is a great tool to review the prospect journey prior building it into the Studio. Once the map has been improved we can build our Engagement Program in Pardot. 

Building the program
We’re now ready to start building your program in Pardot. We’ll take the nurturing framework from the map and the related content assets to create the Engagement Program. Once every nurturing string is in place, tests will be carried out. When everyone’s happy we can start the Program.  

Dynamic reporting
We keep your eye on the prize through a set of easy to digest visual reports and dashboards contained with Pardot and the CRM. Let us decipher the data which is relevant to you objectives. It’s all about measuring what matters as opposed to getting bogged down in vanity metrics.

dynamic reporting