Pardot implementationYou need to give yourself the best opportunity to be successful with Pardot from the get go. A well-considered implementation will put you in good stead for quick wins and scale with marketing automation. Let us help you get the most out of Pardot from day one.

Prepare for growth

You brought Pardot into your firm to enhance your acquisition or retention programs, nurture lingering leads and streamline business processes. Of course, Pardot is a powerful tool and its native integration with Salesforce is a huge bonus, but the platform won’t do all the hard work alone. You need to carefully consider how you will make use of its many features and how existing campaigns and processes should be applied to Pardot. It’s important to assess how both short and long-term objectives should be incorporated into the platform. Furthermore, the amount of development work that is required to have your digital assets contained within Pardot.

Our quick start Pardot implementation will get you up in running quickly. We’ll take both a holistic and technical approach to the implementation and will advise on how your marketing initiatives should be integrated with Pardot. Typically, your implementation will be completed in 7-14 days. For an idea of cost, please visit our pricing page.

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What’s included in a Pardot implementation?

Vanity domain, SPF, domain key setup Vanity domain, SPF, domain key setup

Pardot CRM integration CRM integration

Page search Whitelisting IPs and creating filters

Social Social integration

Data migration Data migration

User Permissions User permissions

Content Asset taxonomy

Network System training

Growth Testing