campaign-managementWe truly believe that marketing automation has the power to transform any B2B company. Let us help you improve conversion rates and customer retention with Pardot.
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Defining your business goals
Every campaign needs a goal and marketing automation can help you achieve it. By defining the goal, the automation can be built around it. Say you want to increase membership to your blog. MA can help with that. Want to increase sales by 10%? Not a problem. Marketing automation has an answer for all of your business goals.



Quick wins
Initially, the sheer power of automation will bring in leads thick and fast. ‘But what about the rest of my data?’. MA has that covered too, with personalised and tailored nurture programs that hold your prospects hand until they’re ready to purchase.

Keep your friends close and your prospects closer.
By checking in with your prospects and sending them engaging, useful content they will always have your brand front of mind. When the time is right and they are ready to purchase, guess who they will buy from? That’s right. You.



Segmentation, segmentation, segmentation…
Let’s face it, you can’t optimise sales by treating everyone the same. Peter from London is going to be completely different to Paul from Leeds, and they’re going to have different interests. Marketing automation allows you to nurture and sell to them with 100% precision, maximising your sales and creating a truly unique customer experience.

What just happened? and Why?
One of the key benefits of MA is the ability to see where, when and how a prospect came into contact with your business, what they viewed and the trigger that ultimately led them to purchase from you. These insights are of the utmost importance because it means you can fully understand your customers and tailor your communications and offers with them so that you are able to sell more.

It’s simple. The better you understand your customer, the more loyal they become (and the more you sell).